Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Savannah Square in April
24 x 30
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The Savannah Historic District is home to 24 "squares" that are absolutely breathtaking in April.  No matter the time of the year, Spanish moss gracefully drapes the live oaks that line every street and square (squares are a minipark).

The photos I took as we drove through the District were taken from a moving car.  The area was thronged with tourists, making it impossible to stop, and I hear it is that way year around.  I live about 45 minutes from Savannah and plan on becoming intimate with its most beautiful features.  And to paint en plein air (outdoors and on site) of course!

Savannah is a magical and beautiful city.  I highly recommend a walking tour.  Bring your camera, park in a garage, and stroll for hours.  Don't forget the ghost tours!

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