Friday, July 31, 2015


I am finally hitting my stride upon finding the right technique and medium for my desired style of painting.  I like juicy impasto, reminiscent of the French impressionists works. Impasto is not the easiest effect to achieve in acrylic paint but I have a unique way of working which I discovered after a lot of trial and error.  It is possible I will return to oil paint at some point.  This means using gloves as I like to paint with my fingers.

Chardon Sauvage Bouquet (Wild Thistle Bouquet) was painted en plein air.  I plucked a handful of slenderthorn thistles and set them in a glass jar on the patio.  I often find simple things the most long as the light is right.  Strong sunlight can turn a leaf into an emerald.

This painting is about how brilliant subtropical sunlight transformed a group of wildflowers into sparkling rubies and amethysts.  This particular species of thistle is thought to be an invasive one here in Georgia.  Unwanted by some, relished by myself.  Behold the lowly thistle!

I've received a lot of kind feedback from friends on Facebook:

SL said, "I think Monet would have been proud of you."

KW said, "Exquisite."

YWG said, "I find this piece classically romanitc, joyous."

DB said, "You paint life with light and color."

Chardon Sauvage Bouquet
18 x 24
Acrylic fingerpainting on canvas

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