Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The Savannah River is less than a mile from my home in the emerald pine forest. It will provide endless painting inspiration for plein air painting as well as work solely from my imagination.

I've found one particular spot that I love. There are live oaks dripping with spanish moss on the river bank. In my naivete, that was unexpected.

Sunrise, of course, is splendid. Also the "golden hour," the hour before sunset, is perfect. Except for the hordes of mosquitoes!

In "Impression:  Savannah River Sunrise", I pushed the red to capture my emotion, my response to the scene.  The climate here is a warm subtropical one, and it has been quite humid and warm lately. The red serves to communicate not only the warmth of day but my passion for the landscape.

Impression:  Savannah River Sunrise
24 x 36
Acrylic Fingerpainting on Canvas

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