Thursday, March 17, 2016

NEW PAINTING: Refuge Budding Out

I painted en plein air at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge yesterday.  I recommend you visit.  If you love nature and wildlife, you are in for a pleasant experience.

I set up my easel with a painting umbrella atop. A painting umbrella is used to keep the light off of one's painting; too much light will cause you to paint dark.  You end up with something close to a night scene!

It was so windy, at times, that my easel almost became airborne.  So, I had to hold on to the easel with one hand and paint with the other.  This was a task since I don't squeeze out acrylics ahead of time but open each individual tube as  I need it.

I managed to focus well despite the distractions. I had water on both sides.  I kept looking over my shoulder for alligators though.  There weren't any mosquitoes or sand gnats; for that I am thankful.

I will be going back often.  This may be my favorite place.

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"Refuge Budding Out"
9 x 12
Acrylic fingerpainting on gallery wrap canvas

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