Saturday, March 19, 2016

NEW PAINTING: Wildflowers Along Raccoon Island Trail

My office is the beautiful Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.  Worrisome sand gnats, stinging mosquitoes, biting no see-um bugs, sneaky monstrous alligators, and at least four kinds of waiting vipers surround me when I dare step into the Wild.

The sound of bullfrogs singing a deep G note, birds trilling, egrets and blue heron splashing, ducks diving, golden eagles gliding overhead, and the soft inner voice riding upon the wind induce a tranquil state in which to focus on a day of painting en plein air.

Spanish moss gracefully rocks back and forth on the old oak trees, a loyal friend in every season. Some day I will bring a lawn chair and succumb to its pearly sashay;  I will dream of beauty unseen.

Spring is blooming at the Refuge  The grasses and new buds are that acid green that I love.  I noted at least 8 different types of wildflowers.

The Raccoon Island Trail was a perfect spot to paint.  The yellow and purple wildflowers are glorious. And two alligators watched me as I painted.  I left my car door unlocked in case I needed to bolt.

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"Wildflowers Along Raccoon Island Trail"
9 x 12, acrylic fingerpainting on canvas

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