Friday, May 6, 2016

Passion, Immortality and a Dose of Death

Have you ever wondered why Creatives tend to fall into depression, commit suicide, become addicted to drugs, and have that temperamental personality stigma? The following diatribe is my opinion where I answer the above questions with some caveats.

Innate Creatives, and that includes scientists and inventors with a high IQ, are wired different than noncreatives. But how so? Can't anyone learn physics, writing, guitar, acting, painting or become a surgeon? Yes, anyone can...up to a point. But Creativity or giftedness cannot be taught.

Creativity cannot be taught. Giftedness is innate.

People have aptitudes toward different pursuits. Some people are very gifted. And some people are prodigies.

Detail of "Artemesia"
(Artemesia was executed in acrylics including iridescent Aztec gold and pearl shimmer. Here is an example of an expressionist piece I needed to do which started from a live figure drawing session incidentally. An artist has to follow her dreams...which are often little inklings tickling the brain.)

You can bet if you pursue playing guitar, painting, etc., like a mad dog that you have great aptitude at the very least. If you continue such passion throughout life, you are likely fulfilling your gift.

A gift does not wish to lie down, to be forgotten.  That wiring, I spoke of...forsaking the act of creation causes mental anguish. Creating can be difficult but it is more difficult to be lazy; laziness can lead to a whole subset of personality problems including depression that leads to substance addictions and/or suicide.

When an artist creates they are Becoming. They create themselves though their work. Herein lies a secret: when an artist creates, they are Truly alive; when an artist is not creating, they are dying. With a caveat called focus, a healthy artist is constantly flying in a universe of ideas with many more tickling the brain on a subconscious level.

Doesn't this living and dying stuff sound like some kind of addictive behavior, some kind of friable and histrionic personality disorder? It does on the surface. But what I am describing is a gift that can only be fulfilled with passion and Will. You can't achieve immortality without a relentless drive. You have to manifest the subjective universe (realm of the astral/imagination) into the objective universe (the "world"). Apotheosis is not handed to anyone.

The majority of Creatives who say they cannot create, and become depressed, is because they are not creating. You see, inspiration comes from sitting with pen in hand to write, making a mark on a blank canvas, strumming that guitar, or writing down a mathematical problem. Inspiration lurks in the subconscious 24/7.

Considering addictions, I do believe that the creative brain is wired for addiction. I can't say whether we are born with that predisposition but I think it's possible. There are endorphins released when we create and those same endorphins are released through the intake of some substances. We create greedy little neurological pathways in the brain screaming for an endorphin rush. At an early age, we find great pleasure from drawing or other stimulating activities. We become hardwired to need and want an endorphin flow. Creatives can succumb to overeating, alcohol and drug addiction versus fulfilling their creative passion.  And that will surely become a infinite nightmare of despair and an unfulfilled life. The ouroboros has then fallen from heaven.

What about those "Hollywood types" who die from drug overdoses or the famous artist who is an alcoholic? We think of them as self-indulgent fools who haven't a clue. Well, in some cases, these addictions show what people choose to do with their money and I am not here to judge lifestyle choices that do not impact me or my family. But a lot of disposable income can present its own problems when paired with an addictive personality. Remember the wiring for endorphins; the brain wants, wants, wants. While it is sad to witness other's self-destructive behavior, the loss of real genius, by whatever means, Prince, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison for example, are true tragedies.

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