Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some of My Latest Paintings: Need Feedback

This is the first day in three that I could actually browse the net. So, I am taking advantage of the situation and adding photos in one blog post.

Needed Feedback
: While definitely impressionism, my style is evolving, right from under my feet with a mind of its own no less. Instead of my fingers or even a painting knife, I used a different instrument to execute the following three paintings. While I used broken color and mixed mostly on the canvas, the works are not as pointillistic as my other works. I would like to approach non-co-op galleries in about a year, so I must execute a body of work in a consistent style.

You do not need to be an artist to comment. I'm really interested/need to know what everyone's opinion is. You can help me decide if this style is one I should continue with. Thanks!

What do you think? I would greatly appreciate any response and/or advice. These paintings were from my trips to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, my favorite painting spot.

Hazy Golden Hour at the Refuge
24 x 24, oil on canvas

Two O'clock Sun
24 x 20, oil on canvas

Four O'Clock Sun
30 x 24,oil on canvas


  1. I love all of your work .... it keeps getting better and better.

    1. Why thank you so much, Mr. Paul. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. <3

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  2. I adore your paintings. of course some more than others. However, you do manifest a deep connexion to Nature that is obvious in your beautiful work.

    1. Thank you so much, Sister, for commenting. Now, the comment about my connection to nature just thrills me, to know that someone else can sense me. I grew up in wooded wetlands (The Great Dismal Swamp) and have returned to the wooded wetlands. It is hard to articulate the connection but I suppose it all comes to emotions that are evoked by the smell of pines, the warm dank earth, and even the smell of snakes (it sounds silly but when you've grown up one with nature, there are just some strange things you learn), by a shaft of light striking a tree, and rustling in the trees at night. I guess it is a feeling of awe overall. But there is an aching, too.