Monday, November 6, 2017

Creative Genius, Divine Will, and Pointillism

If I had to choose a favorite painter, it would be the French neoimpressionist painter, Paul Signac. His paintings scintillate in ways that other paintings of his time cannot.

Palais de Papes Avignon
Paul Signac

Signac was a genius, not just knowledgeable of the science of color.put forth by the French chemist, Michel Eugene Chevreul. Signac would have employed his great creative intelligence to formulate the color arrangements and compositions of his paintings.

I do not seek to emulate Signac. His paintings have a graphical nature that is a bit off putting to me. I like more soft edges, even diaphanous ones.

I always engage my own creativity when painting. I never just copy from life. More often than not, my paintings are from my imagination. There is nothing wrong with copying directly from nature, and that, too, takes talent. But if I have been gifted with creative intelligence (genius level IQ -- IQ is ability to learn but some traits/strengths are inborn), I need to nurture and share that gift, no matter how late to the party. One might say I am in accord with Divine will.

I used to think that artists who proclaimed their creative ability was a gift from God (the Divine, Collective Unconscious, etc.} were arrogant. Then I realized that we all have gifts that can enrich humanity.

I have found that all styles of painting feel comfortable to me. But pointillism, or little taches of color, is the most natural form of expression for me. It certainly is the most challenging. I am working within a structure of the classical atelier however. One can never draw too much. And the learning never ceases. Nor does the overall difficulty. It is true that the human figure is very difficult. And this is why we see few portrait artists. To draw the figure takes hard work, a lot of time, and...talent.

I am currently work on a piece I will entitle, "Going Home." Once this piece is complete, I will post. Here is a detail. You can see my taches of color:

Detail of "Going Home"

Until next time...

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