Wednesday, November 1, 2017

From There to Here to There

My husband collected our family german shepherd, Merlin, and myself. After a long 14-hour drive, we arrived home at 6:00 am on New Year's Eve  2015. It had been a long 5 months since I'd seen my daughter. And this was the first time I'd seen our beautiul new home. My husband had an art studio built for me on the second floor. French doors, a big window, a lovely ceiling fan, ventilation for toxic fumes, a full sink in the studio proper, and a half bath.

Entrance to My Studio

In southeast Georgia, our traditional home lies in a wooded wetlands (swamp). While I love the Appalachians, this flat coastal region has its own beauty. The tall loblolly pines are reminiscent of my original home in the Great Dismal Swamp of southeast Virginia, also on the coast.

I had many paranormal  experiences in those childhood woods, including what I later learned was a will-o-the-wisp, and spotting the translucent vaporous forms one would call spirits, or perhaps ghosts.

Our Road (too narrow for two cars to pass in some places)

As a young child I remained in trouble for daydreaming during class. While other children dutifully listened to our teacher, I was out of my body, outside of the building. You see, there were trees outside our windows. And they had a lot to say.  I was in communion with nature, the Divine.

I'm not quite sure how I learned anything as I missed most of the homework assignments. I managed to move into accelerated courses despite distractions. I was even one year younger than my peers and was informed I could graduate high school a year early.

For certain, the constant daydreaming, out-of-the-body experiences, and fantasizing did three things for me, 1) I can visualize like no one's business, 2) I am extremely creative, and 3) I can go into trance anytime I desire.

One of Two Wisteria Sconces (I love stained glass)

Speaking of education, I've never had lessons in drawing nor painting. I often think if I had had the right mentor, I would have progressed faster. I must remind myself that is not actually true. It has been of the greatest importance for me to dabble in most art media, genres, and styles to round out my art education.

And I am still evolving with my art. I've moved from the colorful palette of full-color-seeing impressionism to a limited palette and more traditional painting. Maybe that doesn't sound exciting to some; I assure you no drab paintings shall escape my brush whatsoever. I know that my world is going to explode into dazzling light wedded to satin darkness. Chiaroscuro dreams of moonlight. Oh yes, I have a series planned.

Next: something along the line of God, IQ, and Talent

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